Wending and other manufacturing

We provide several welding workplaces (tig AC DC, mig, wire for iron, stainless steel, aluminum). Our high experience and qualified staff hold a welding certificate UNI EN 287-1:2007. We guarantee a concrete support on which our customers can always rely on and high quality finished products.

Also, we supply two punching machines for iron and stainless steel.

Moreover, we provide a welding robotized island Arc System 6000T model with the following features:

  • robotic welding system with six internal axes: Motoman UP6
  • wending inverter generator: Selco Genesis GSM503
  • load capacity: 250 kg
  • rotating station diameter: 1170 mm
  • distance: 2000 mm.

We also offer, at the end of cutting, bending and welding process:

  • wide range of mechanics tools
  • superficial treating as mechanical burring, poushing and brushing, controlled rolling (3 rollers)
  • assembling

Thanks to the collaboration with other companies we are organize all every the production process and managing it in its phase, as turning, miling, superficial heat treating and coloring

Motoman UP6

Selco Genesis GSM503